Download Showbox For PC & MAC

In this tutorial section we will tell you how you can Run Showbox App on your PC OR MAC since the method is same as well as Microsoft’s Windows PC.

There is currently well known methods so far we have tested. First one is using the ARC Welder and another one is Bluestacks which can help you to stream free HD movies from your PC or MAC.

Download showbox app PC
Download showbox app PC OR MAC

While we all know Showbox is just an app for the Android platforms which allow you to watch free movies online or download movies and shows in HD quality. With the help of ARC Welder or BlueStacks (An Android Emulator for PC and MAC) you’ll be able to run Showbox App on your PC same like you’re doing with your Android device in fact you can run any app on your computer with the help of ARC Welder and BlueStacks.

So let’s get started the started the tutorial without wasting any time.

Download ShowBox PC OR MAC using ARC Welder – Method 1 :

1: Download & Install the Google Chrome browser ( on your PC or MAC.

show box app PC

2: After installing the Google Chrome on your PC or MAC, Open the extension page within your google chrome browser and Add the ARC Welder in your chrome browser.

Showbox App Download PC

4: Press in ‘Add App’ button when prompt.

5: Now you need to open the new tab and press on ‘APPS’

6: You may now can see the ‘ARC WELDER’ in app page, click and launch it.

7: Hit ‘Choose‘ when prompt and select the directory or create new one for the ARC Welder

8: Once done this step. Download Showbox App .APK on your computer from here : Download Showbox App APK

9: Open the ARC Welder in your browser and click on the ‘Add Your APK’ and brows the Showbox Apk from your computer where you’ve saved it.

how to add apk in arc welder

10: Now hit the Test button ( Note: You can also enable the full screen resolution which can be found under ‘Form Factor‘ )

Enabling full screen in ARC Welder

11: You’ve done all the parts. Now go back and open the App page again in you Google Chrome browser, simply open new tab and follow this path – Chrome > Apps > Showbox OR Read the point number 4.

showbox app google chrome

Always remember this part, this how you gonna launch the Showbox App on your PC or MAC using the ARC Welder.

Some users PC may not compatible with this app and they may get this error ‘WebGL is not supported’ if so please follow the given method below in order to resolve this issue for permanently.

1: Open the Google Chrome and go to the setting page chrome://settings of the browser. Scroll down and you’ll find the option to unlock the Advance Setting. Click on the ‘Show Advance Setting

2: Enable the ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ See the image below.

3: Go to chrome://flags and make sure ‘Override software rendering list‘ is enabled.

4: You have successfully enabled the WebGL. Now go to chrome://gpu and make sure you can find ‘Hardware accelerated‘ infront of WebGL.

Download ShowBox PC OR MAC using BlueStacks – Method 2 :

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